The safe operating room

of the future

- Is here now!

We offer advanced infection prevention solutions for

all sensitive surgical processes.

Quality assurence of the entire process

Pre surgery

Zecon`s unique solution follows the patient`s journey through the entire surgical process. A quality assured pre-operative process helps to optimize the patient for surgery

Peri surgery

During surgery, zNav logs air quality, events and routine adherence and gives real time feedback to the surgical team. All data is stored in zNav`s "black box"

Post surgery

After surgery, critical routines are logged. After returning home, the patient will recieve a digital follow up to detect early signs of infection or other complications

Our focus

Everything we do keeps the patient and medical staff in focus, it is our goal to help healthcare professionals offer the best possible care to their patients

Personal focus

Advanced technology

Our cutting-edge solution is developed in Sweden together with leading university hospitals and professors. Our platform has been carfully developed to give the best possible data and feedback to the whole surgical team

Our specialized team works continously to adapt and develope zNav further, we are constantly adding new functions, integrations and optimizations of the system

Continous research and developement

quality control and feedback, drives patient safety

At Zecon, we specialize in quality assurance of the surgical procedures, and increasing patient safety

Using our solution zNav has shown to reduce post operative infections by as much as 80%

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